Working life is in constant change. The demand for a broadened and sometimes deepened knowledge among workers is growing. Do you want to develop prior knowledge to meet the demands placed on you in the labour market? Are you thinking about whether studying at Novia is the right thing for you?

We offer the following opportunities:

Open UAS: Path - for those aiming for degree studies

Study in group with day students. Path studies, 30 credits are an alternative route to degree studies. The studies are suitable for both secondary students and for you without a place of study but with a wish to start studies in some of our degree programmes. Click for more information and application.

Open UAS: Flex Path - for those who want to study flexibly and aim for degree studies

Flex studies are customized for those who are in the world of work. The studies are organized flexibly as multi-form studies and extensively remotely. Flex studies allow you to flexibly complete degree studies for a significantly longer time than as a graduate student. Study rights are granted for the entire module. Click for more information and enrollment.

Open UAS: Pro - for those who want to grow professionally

Separate courses planned as continuing education for alumni, other professionals and other interested. Content and objective are the same as in degree education, but implementation is planned based on the needs of professionals. Study rights are granted for one semester or for individual courses. Click for more information and enrollment.

Open UAS: Pro+ - for those who want to grow professionally

More comprehensive modules tailored to those who are in professional life and want to develop your professionalism. In some cases, the studies may lead to a specific eligibility. Upon completion of studies, you will receive a certificate. Study rights are granted for the entire module. Click for more information and enrollment.

Open UAS: Integrated - for those who wish to participate in Novia's regular range of degree education

Sign up for one semester at a time, alternatively for a specific individual course. Teaching is arranged in most cases daytime. Click for more information and enrollment.

Specialisation Studies

Specialisation studies is for people in working life who have completed a higher education degree or for persons who acquired equivalent skills elsewhere. Specialisation studies includes at least 30 credits. The trainings are carried out in cooperation with other universities or UAS and in close cooperation with the working life. Click for more information and enrollment.

Other Continuing Education

Through cooperation with other actors, we offer different courses to individuals and organizations. Some of the continuing education courses provide credits and are also included among our course offerings. Click for more information and enrollment.

For Secondary Education Students

Are you a student in general upper secondary education or vocational upper secondary education? Welcome to build on your studies with us! Open UAS studies at Novia are free for those studying at the second stage. Click for more information.

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You can study at Novia UAS without being enrolled as a degree student. You can try UAS studies regardless of your previous education or age, start a new career, develop yourself or find the training you need in working life.

We offer studies in Bioeconomy, Business, Culture and Arts, Technology and Seafaring as well as Health and Welfare. We are located in Vaasa, Turku, Jakobstad and Raseborg. Many courses are also arranged as online studies independent of location. Further information is found in the detailed course information.

Please note that Novia UAS is a Finland-Swedish UAS and that we do not offer opportunities for continuing education to the same extent in English as we do in Swedish.


Registration for courses and modules takes place via our course offering and each course/module. Right to study is granted in order of registration, unless otherwise is stated in the detailed course information.

You add the course to the shopping basket and create a user account in our registration system. The next step is to confirm your registration. Information on payment of the course fee comes by e-mail after the course has started. If you come up with second thoughts regarding participation, you will find our cancellation terms here.

If you are interested in integrated studies, you will find the enrollment link in connection to the information on integrated studies.

From Open UAS to Degree Studies

Once you have completed studies in Open UAS, you can apply for accreditation of your studies if you apply for and are admitted to degree studies in the same field of study at Novia UAS.

If you have completed Open UAS studies as path studies (Path or Flex Path), you have the opportunity to apply within a separate application based on having completed 30 credits. The separate application applies only to education given in Swedish- language.

Information about requirements for Bachelor studies, and a separate quota for Nursing Open Path students.


If you have questions about Open UAS studies or continuing education in general, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail on or  You can also provide feedback or comments via the form. Please remember to enter your name and e-mail address in case you wish us to contact you!


You can give feedback or comments regarding open UAS and other type of continuing education here below.

Please remember to write your e-mail address if you wish that we contact you!

Anita Kronqvist

Continuing Education Coordinator

DNV ENG certifikat

Novia UAS quality management is certified according to the ISO 9001 quality standard. This means that every year our entire business is audited by DNV. This is to ensure the best quality and constant development of Novia UAS.