As an Open UAS student, you are registered as a non-degree student. You can benefit from our internal student services in the same way as degree students but a non-degree student is not entitled to study social benefits such as student financial aid from KELA, student health care from FSHS (Finnish Health Student Service) or student card providing benefits.


Studies in Open UAS and CampusOnline

When you are enrolled as a path student (Path or Flex Path) at Open UAS, you have the opportunity to enroll in the courses offered within the CampusOnline portal. Otherwise, CampusOnline is intended for registered degree students. When registering, use your Novia e-mail address.

After your Open UAS studies

You can apply for recognition of prior learning of completed Open UAS studies if you apply and are admitted to the corresponding degree programme at Novia UAS. This way, you speed up your degree studies and get a taste of studying at Novia UAS.

If you already have completed some studies, we strive to ensure that you should not have to complete corresponding studies again. Here it is important to contact a Student Counsellor and also to remember that in some cases studies are fresh, and the criteria and course content may have changed so much that you should undertake some of the studies again.

Eligibility for UAS Studies 

If you lack a upper secondary education leaving certificate, and therefore lack general eligibility to apply to Novia's degree programmes, you can still start your studies at the Open UAS. When you have completed 60 credits within a degree programme, it corresponds to general eligibility to apply to the degree programme via a quota in the Joint Application to Higher Education in Finland. If this concerns you, please feel free to start by contacting us at openuas@novia.fi .

Studies when Unemployed

Are you unemployed and thinking about studies? Start by contacting the employment and economic agency (TE Services) where you are a customer for correct answers to questions related to opportunities and limitations regarding non-degree studies. Novia UAS does not take a position on such issues.


We are happy to help with the initial guidance to Open UAS studies. If you have questions and concerns, please contact us at openuas@novia.fi . Please let us know your phone number if you would like us to call you.