Grupp studerande vid kafe

Are you aiming for a degree at Novia UAS? Are you lacking a study place?

Path studies (30 cr) can give you a rapid start without you being enrolled as a degree student. Path studies are suitable for anyone who intends to become a degree student and wishes to complete a degree, but who has not applied for or been admitted for degree studies.

What are Path Studies?

You follow the same curriculum as first-year degree students, in case nothing else is mentioned. Path studies are in most cases full-time studies. If you do not have time to complete 30 cr over two terms, you have the option to extend your study time by two more terms.

In certain cases, you have the opportunity to take 30 cr already in one term. More on this and about any programme-specific criteria for the path studies can be found in information for the respective path study.

It is important that you have reserved enough time to participate and perform during your study time.

Student Counselling

When you are registered as a student you have the right to contact student counsellors.
If you wish to discuss your study plans before application, please contact us on


Path Studies 2024-2025

Path studies - for those aiming for degree studies
Registration for path studies will open on 1 June 2024. 
If nothing else is mentioned the Path studies are in general full-time studies

For all Path studies we offer in Swedish, please follow this link. (in Swedish only)


This is the Path study we offer in English for 2024-2025:

Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing, Vaasa 

Novia UAS reserves the right to limit the number of path students per programme. Not all programmes offer path studies.