Are you aiming for a degree from Novia UAS but can't study full time?

Flex Path studies are suitable for anyone wishing to complete a degree in the future but who does not have the opportunity to study full-time.

What are flexible path studies?

Path studies in the form of flexible studies are adapted for those who are working. The studies are organised flexibly in the form of blended learning. You follow a curriculum designed for the flexible programme you have chosen to follow. It is important that you have enough time to participate and perform during your study time. Flexible studies allow you to flexibly conduct studies for a significantly longer period of time. Study rights are granted for the entire module offered through Open UAS. As an Open UAS student you are registered as a non-degree student. After completing the module, you can apply to become a degree student, which is a requirement if you wish to complete the degree.

Student Counselling

When you are registered as a student you have the right to contact student counsellors.
If you wish to discuss your study plans before application, please contact us on


Flex Path Studies 2022-2023

These Flex Path programmes are running in autumn 2022. These are all in Swedish language.

Flexibelt till Tradenom, 56 sp, (kontinuerlig antagning)
Flexibelt till Ingenjör, 150 sp
Flexibelt till sjukskötare, 11 sp 
Regionalt till socionom inom småbarnspedagogik, 120 sp