Work at Novia UAS

Novia UAS employs a staff of around 320 persons. Most of them work within teaching and are professionals and specialists within their own fields. The remaining staff work with various tasks, e.g. Students guidance, ICT Service, Quality management, Planning and development, International Services, HR, Communication and marketing, or Finance Department.

Through annual individual performance reviews the quality of knowledge is guaranteed to comply with the presupposed level of knowledge needed in order to fully execute the tasks set and meet the goals set within the organization. Staff satisfaction is gauged every three years by means of a survey. Objects of development are chosen, and measures are agreed upon, based on the results of this survey.

Novia UAS staff are provided with excellent occupational health services at all locations.

Within Novia UAS, the work can be carried out flexibly at our different locations and also remotely, in case it is expedient in view of the task.

We at Novia UAS want to serve as a platform for new knowledge and education and together with working life contribute to change the world. That is why we focus on the development of employees' personal skills, well-being and careers. This is accomplished, among other things, by offering employees in-house tailored short courses and trainings, as well as opportunities to complete their doctoral studies during working hours.

Electronic application

You can apply to a vacant position at Novia UAS via the Laura recruitment tool. Read the instructions carefully and prepare the appendices in time, as your application must be submitted within the set deadline.

Below each job announcement, you will find information about the application deadline and a direct link to the application form [Lämna in ansökan / Submit an application]. You do not need to register to submit an application.

The application has required fields that are marked with asterisks*. This is mainly personal information including contact information and language skills. Other fields in the application form can be updated and supplemented continuosly before the end of the application period.

When the required fields are filled in, preview your application [Förhandsgranska / Preview]. After the preview, you can submit your application or continue to process it.

When you submitted your application, you will receive a username for the email address you have provided in the application. The username can be used to log in to the application system. By signing in with the username, you can update your application during the application period. Please, note that if you have submitted an application earlier and already have username and password, you can log in with this before you begin filling in the form. Applications are saved for three years, old login details will also expire at the same time. [Vill du uppdatera din information. Logga in. / Want to update your application? Log in]

If you have forgotten your previous credentials, you can request a new username and password. [Glömt ditt lösenord? Förnya lösenordet. Forgot your password? Get a new one here.]

The announcements for each job specify which attachments you need to attach to the application. The most common attachments are your application and your CV. Other attachments may be relevant depending on the task. Name all your attachments uniformly and remember to include your last name. The attachments can be uploaded in the following formats: rtf, doc, odt, pdf, txt, docx.

If you want to use a previous application as basis for a new application, you can log in with your previous credentials. In the list of previous applications, you can choose which application you want to use. Please note, that old attachments are not transferred to the new application, they must be re-attached.

Do you have any technical questions about your application? Please contact

For further questions about the tasks and the application process, please contact the named persons in the announcement.

Open positions

Via the link below you will find all available jobs listed as well as a link to the application.

Do you have any technical questions about your application? Please contact

For other questions about the tasks and the application process, please contact the named contact persons in the announcement.