Alina Finn Bildkonstnär (YH), Bildkonst

"Now I dream of opening my own business"

Studerandeberättelser Bildkonstnär (YH), bildkonst
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Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Alina Finn, I’m 24 years old. I moved to Finland from Russia with my husband a year ago. I am a creative person who wants to know and learn everything. My hobbies are needlework, music, video games and taking care of the house. I love to travel, I like to discover new landscapes, architecture and culture – it inspires me a lot!


What do you study and why did you choose this field?

I study Fine Arts (Bildkonstnär (YH), Bildkonst) in my second year. I chose this field because I finally got the courage to choose what I want without constant thinking about practicality. Now I am happy with that.

What did you do before starting your studies at Novia?

Before Novia I worked at Aleut’s culture museum (it’s a small people living mostly at USA and Russia) and studied Culturology at St. Petersburg's University.

Then I took my first move to Europe and moved to Prague, Czech Republic to study Horse Care. It was awful, because I moved there 2 weeks before COVID pandemic started. My cool new student life turned into confinement in a dormitory, it was forbidden even to go out. But there were good things also, I’ve met my future husband there and we decided to move to Finland to cool down. Moving together is much more fun.

What is the best thing about your studies?

I really like that freedom here! There was a surprise for me that method of study, because I used to concrete tasks and concrete requirements how that task should be done right. Also, I had narrow ideas about the work of an artist, I only imagined painting sculpting. But here I saw different possible expressions for the artist.

I also came across the fact that the task can be done well in different ways. In Novia respects your opinion and what solution you found. I also like that I can choose the courses that interest me, or I can try everything to find what is interesting for me. Now, for example, I am interested in 3D Art and the use of AR in expositions. That's how far I've come from just "painting and sculpting".

What are your plans after graduation?

Now I dream of opening my own business - a kind of Art cafe, where people could gather and enjoy art or create their own at master classes in a cozy atmosphere. I am also considering work as a 3D artist. A regular job where you have to go to the office on a schedule, or maybe freelance. I do not miss the chance that I will travel the world with exhibitions, present my artwork to the public and drink champagne at vernissage.

For me, being an artist is not a profession, but rather a lifestyle. For creativity, the state of mind is very important, but it cannot be planned. So it hard to say.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about studying at Novia UAS?

I cant say about all fields at Novia, I think I can tell only about my study. But I think all in Novia is very supportive, there is good student department who are always happy to help students.

Arriving in Finland, I was late for my studies for few months, while I was waiting for my residence permit. I also had various problems due to the lack of bank codes and due to the fact that I came from Russia. My payment card does not work and communication between countries is more than difficult. It was a very complicated and stressful period for me and my family, but I only encountered understanding and support from Novia. I was greeted very warmly and helped with all academic issues. I felt welcomed, it was very important and valuable!

I think that says a lot, because studying can be stressful and difficult sometimes for everyone. During those moments, it's great to feel that you are not alone and you can always ask for help or advice.