Promoting a Culture of Inclusion and Zero Tolerance for Racism at Novia UAS

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Vid Yrkeshögskolan Novia gäller absolut nolltolerans mot rasism. Novia är en internationell högskola och behandlar alla studerande jämlikt. Vi jobbar för att såväl personal som studerande visar varandra ömsesidig respekt oberoende av nationalitet, kulturell bakgrund, språk, kön eller religion. Vi önskar att det internationella inslaget ska bli ännu tydligare och synligare vid Novia och välkomnar studerande av alla nationaliteter att skapa en internationell studiemiljö vid vår högskola.

 At Novia University of Applied Sciences  we emphasize that racism in no form has any place within our university. Novia is an international university and treats all students equally. We expect both students and staff to show each other respect, regardless of nationality, cultural background, language, gender, or religion. We encourage the international richness of Novia UAS to be fully expressed, and welcome students of all nationalities to help create an international study environment at our university.

In accordance with Novia’s plan for Equality an Equal treatment we do not accept any form of discrimination or racism at Novia, see 4.2.2 and 4.2.3.

Actions We Are Taking

Implementing anti-racism training and workshops for students and staff to raise awareness and promote understanding.

Support and Resources

Contact the Head of Degree Program or Student Counsellor if you experience racism or discrimination. We offer reading materials and tools to promote work with inclusion, understanding and allyship.

We Need Your Support

We believe that real change comes from a collective effort. As members of the Novia UAS community, we encourage you to stand up against racism, support one another, and actively participate in building a truly inclusive campus.


At Novia UAS we are dedicated to being an institution that leads by example, demonstrating our commitment to inclusivity. Together, we can create a university environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential.