Novia UAS Students Combine Language Learning and Community Activities

Vasa Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing Välbefinnande i samhället Nyhet Forskning
Picture for Solgard article

A Novia UAS pilot was organised between March-April 2022 in conjunction with Solgård, an elderly home based in Mustasaari (Korsholm), to help support Nursing students learn Swedish.

Once a week, first year Nursing students went to the care home and spent time with the residents. The focus of the weekly visits was to create enrichment activities which were mutually beneficial for both the students and residents alike.

Residents were able to engage in conversation and different hobbies with the students whilst the students will be able to use this time as an opportunity to practice their Swedish language skills outside of the classroom.

According to Pia Jünger, who, in her role as Novia UAS Integration Coordinator, is organising the pilot, this collaboration with Solgård fits well into all four of the focus areas within the “Integrationsmodeller ” project, as it combines language with social and culture related activities, in a working life setting.

Whilst the project itself ends, the “Integrationsmodeller” project  has been the springboard for the various language-based activities now on offer for the Nursing students of Novia UAS and these activities will continue to be piloted further.

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