Novia Research Seminar program fall 2022 is out

Systemomställning för att bygga resiliens FUI Raseborg Forskning
Raseborgs campusområde, vårbild med gröna träd och solljus

Novia Research Seminar is held onsite in Campus Raseborg (room B159), and you can also participate online. The seminar is open to staff, students, and other interested parties. The seminars are held at 15 o’clock if nothing else is stated.


  • 29th September: Katrina Feliciano & Anna Nyberg, Novia UAS: Future of the farmers: Wetlands and flux
  • 13th October: Sjúrður Hammer, Faroese Environment Agency: Plastic pol ution in the Arctic: The Faroe Islands as an oceanic gateway to the Arctic
  • 27th October: Madeleine Granvik, Uppsala University: Planning for food security in times of changes, the Swedish context
  • 10th November: Jinzhu Su, Fujian Normal University: Effects of residual glyphosate on cyanobacteria growth and toxin production in water environment
  • 24th November: Lucinda Kraufvelin, Abo Akademi University: Impacts of marine heatwaves on the functioning of Baltic Sea coastal ecosystems
  • 8th December: Ulrich Schmudde, Mid-Sweden University: The city col aboration in shadow - Destinations: towards firms' value-capture.


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For more information, please contact

Novia UAS, Jonna Engström-Öst
phone: 044 449 8408