Zero Emission Network to facilitate CCUS uptake in industrial clusters - CCUS ZEN

Horizon Europe

Period: 28.9.2022 - 31.3.2025

Innehåll: The overarching goal of CCUS ZEN is the accelerated deployment of CCUS
throughout Europe, which will be achieved by:
• Sharing knowledge and disseminating information important for stakeholders to
make informed decisions on CCUS
• Developing specific and actionable plans for the development of CCUS value
As CCUS developments around the North Sea (NS) region are relatively mature,
CCUS ZEN will leverage these developments as best
practice for the development of new CCUS value chains in the currently
underdeveloped Baltic Sea (BS) and the Mediterranean Sea
(MS) Regions. While CCUS value chains, i.e., the entire pathway from CO2
capture to transport to its eventual storage or utilization, can
today be realized, the industry is still in its infancy and many issues must be
addressed to achieve the rapid deployment required. The
consortium, consisting of 15 partners, including 2 associations with over 400
members in total, brings together entities with leading
expertise on all aspects of CCUS value chains. 30 organisations, representing
industry, RTOs, Associations, clusters, ports and
municipalities involved in the development and deployment of CCUS value chains,
will contribute their expertise as networking
Starting from an analysis of the technical and non-technical state-of-play in
the BS and MS regions, CCUS ZEN will select at least eight
value chains (four in each region) for detailed study and comparison with
successful value chains from the NS region. One value chain
from each analysed region will then be selected as most promising, with a
detailed plan for further development. Through its
knowledge-sharing activities and transfer of best practices from the NS region,
CCUS ZEN will provide an information basis for the
future CCUS value chains, including policy recommendations and a blueprint for
CCUS value chain development, including easily
accessible technology and CO2 source mapping, generic technical frameworks and
business plan models.

Specialkunnande: Bioekonomi och hållbart nyttjande av naturresurser

Campus: Raseborg

Finansiärer: Horizon Europe

Projektägare: Sintef AS Norge

Projektledare: Farid Karimi