Vaasa International Talents: Co-creation team - Vasa stad

Vasa stad

Period: 2.5.2022 - 6.9.2023

Innehåll: The " Vaasa International Talents Co-Creation Team, " initiative focuses on
international students as a resource. The goal is for a group of students who
participated in the Vaasa International Talents program to take on the role and
mission as change agents and actively contribute to increasing the visibility
of the potential they themselves represent. By simultaneously highlighting
positive examples from working life, the group, which represents different
study areas, can contribute to creating a more welcoming and inclusive work
environment. In an even clearer way, international students become ambassadors
not only for their respective universities but for the city and the region.

Specialkunnande: Interprofessionell hälsa och välfärd

Campus: Vasa Wolffskavägen 31

Finansiärer: Vasa stad

Projektledare: Anas Ashfaq