Interreg Botnia Atlantica Osterbottens forbund

Period: 1.4.2016 - 2.1.2020

Innehåll: The project aims to create a network of relevant stakeholders within the algae
industry in the BA region. The network will answer the global need to find
additional suitable biomass sources to meet the increasing demand of raw
material for bioenergy, proteins and biochemical compounds. Up to date
technologies will be utilized to transform waste streams into algae biomass
through cost and energy efficient commercial systems suitable for the Nordic

The main goal is transfer of innovative solutions for the production of algae
biomass from waste streams at industrial scale. Increase of equal working
opportunities for both men and women in the region. This project will show
clear benefits for the environment and climate, as algae cleans and recycles
nutrients from wastewater and flue gases, as well as provides biomass for
valuable products and biofuels.

1. A network of relevant stakeholders within the Botnia-Atlantica region
2. Development of a cost and energy efficient scalable cultivation system
3. Development of a cost and energy efficient harvesting system
4. Transformation of the algal biomass for energy production and high value

Specialkunnande: Hållbar energiteknik

Campus: Vasa Wolffskavägen 33

Finansiärer: Interreg - Botnia Atlantica, Österbottens förbund, Länsstyrelsen i Västerbottens län, SLU, Yrkeshögskolan Novia, Mittuniversitetet, Vasa universitet, Biofuel Region Ab, Kempestiftelserna

Projektägare: Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet (SLU)

Projektledare: Andreas Willfors

Samarbetspartners: SLU (Sverige), Vasa Universitet, Mittuniversitetet (Sverige), Biofuel Region (Sverige), NIBIO (Norge), Nattviken Invest (Sverige).