RAAS - Research Alliance for Autonomous System

Arbets och naringsministeriet

Period: 7.8.2018 - 30.11.2020

Innehåll: RAAS is an innovation ecosystem which facilitates creation of industrial
innovations in the field of autonomous systems. The focus of RAAS is 1) Land
transport, 2) Maritime, 3) Mobile work machines and 4) Drone systems. It’s an
access point to the best talent in both national and international networks of
top researchers. RAAS targets to become the world´s most well-known innovation
accelerator in the field of autonomous systems. RAAS involves 100 of
researchers, 40 company representatives and 30 representatives from different
stakeholders. The research work is organised in several Research Task Forces
(RTF). R&D manager Mirva Salokorpi is the coordinator for the Remote Monitoring
and Operation & Reliability and Maintenance RTF. VTT is the coordinator of the
RAAS ecosystem, and the main financer is Ministry of Economic Affairs and

Specialkunnande: Fartygssimulation

Campus: Åbo Aboa Mare

Finansiärer: Arbets- och näringsministeriet

Projektägare: VTT

Projektledare: Mirva Salokorpi