Student Union Novium

Novium is an independent service and support organisation for all the students at Novia UAS. Its status is regulated by law. Members of the student union annualy elect representatives to the Union Council. The decisions of the council are implemented by the Executive Board, which is supported by a secreteriat. The student union is represented in the Board of Novia University of Applied Sciences and in other decision making bodies within Novia UAS and therefore has good possibilities to voice students' interests in all decision making. Novium is also a member of the national union of students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences, SAMOK, which promotes the students' interests on a national level.

In addition to subsidised meals in students restaurants and discounts for bus and train tickets, membership means first and foremost a great opportunity to get to know students from other degree programmes and Novia campuses. The student union organises get-togethers, excursions, sports activities and an annual ball. A typical feature for most social events organised by Finnish student union is wearing of an overall in the colour of one's own student organisation. International students are welcome to follow this dress code and buy their own Novia overall.

For international students the first contact with the student union will be the international tutor who meets them on arrival, shows them around and introduces them to the studies and Finnish way of life. There are also peer tutors for new students, PR-tutors who take part in the recruitment of new students and "old" and wise mentor tutors who share their experiences of study-related matters with younger students. For more information about Novium please visit


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