Starting from autumn 2017, non-EU/EEA students will have to pay tuition fees. The tuition fees at Novia UAS depends on the degree programme, the fee for Bachelor programmes is 6000€/academic year and the fee for Master programmes is 9000€/academic year. The total fee will vary according to the number of academic semesters needed to complete the studies.

The tuition fee can be paid in its entirety for a full academic year, or in instalments for each academic semester (autumn/spring). Students are responsible for paying the fee through Paytrail. It's possible to pay with the most common credit cards as MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. Novia UAS will cover possible transaction fees. Payments are also possible through bank transfer if you have a Finnish bank account. If there are payment issues the Student must immediately contact Student Services. Deadline for paying the tuition fee for the next academic year is 1 September. If the tuition fee is paid in instalments, the spring semester fee is due by 1 January and the autumn semester fee is due by 1 September.