Vincent Nyarko, Nursing

Backgroundvincent nyarko

I am Vincent Nyarko from Ghana, a final year student of Degree Programme in Nursing in Novia University of Applied Sciences. 

Why did you choose to study in Finland and Novia UAS?

First and foremost, I chose to study in Finland because it is one of the happiest, safest and stable country in the world. Secondly, Finland is well known for its best education system and it really shows when you are here to study. Lastly, I wanted to experience the peaceful and calm Nordic lifestyle.

Before studying in Novia, I have studied a little bit of Swedish language and I wanted a university that could help me improve my Swedish language skills as well. I have always been a fan of learning new languages, so I realized Novia was the best university since it encourages its students to learn Finnish or Swedish. In addition to that, I got lots of recommendation from friends telling me how nice and helpful the teachers and staff are. 

Also, I read that Novia has a very unique teaching style, and they help students to find practice placements during their clinical parts of their course. I have always learnt finding practical placement as a student yourself is very intense and it was superb to hear the university helps students to find their practice places.

About the degree programme

Nursing has always been a course I have had interest in. It is a very interesting course to be honest. You must have passion for it. Studying nursing has made me aware that the degree programme is not just about giving medications and putting intravenous cannulas but a lot more to it. It has made me know how the physical, spiritiual and the environment affects the healing process of a patient and how a nurse’s present can give relief and comfort to those in pain. The programme has given me more insights about awarenessness of health and social services in Finland, promoting health and functional ability of patients, good and quality leadership, decision making, ethics of nursing and a lot more.

Tell us about you practice

Internships is a major curriculum as far as nursing degree is concerned. This is my favorite bit of the degree programme because I tend to learn better while doing. Doing practices enables us to put the theoretical aspects of what we have been learning in class into use.

Being on internships at major hospitals in Finland and abroad and working in departments like the Lung Unit, Surgery Unit, Skin Polyclinics and the Elderly Care Units have taught me a lot more than I could envisage. It has been mind-blowing and I like what I see and do while being on practice.

What is living in Vaasa like?

I call Vaasa ‘The City of International Students’, since I have noticed that the city has the second most international students in Finland. There are always something fun going on. Student parties, concerts, picnics and a lot more during school semesters. When winter comes, there is hiking activities, soccer, ice hockey, and museums that you could visit. One thing I like about Vaasa is that bicycle can be used to move from one place to another easily without thinking of traffic accidents. Vaasa is very safe, quiet and sunny. Even though Finnish and Swedish language is used in Vaasa, one can as well manage in English.

What are your plans for the future?

In the future, I plan to work as an informatics nurse where I could continue to make a positive change in the life of patients and clinicians by improving interpersonal workflow through communication and information technologies and using methods of information retrieval and presentation to improve patient safety and development.

Why would you recommend your degree programme to others?

I would recommend my degree programme and Novia UAS to others because taking up a nursing degree is extremely rewarding. It makes you grow as a person by reflecting on the things which has happened and helps you to improve yourself and those around you. Also, you will study in an international environment and in a more practical way rather than books only. The most rewarding part of appreciating your nursing studies is when you are on practice at the hospital and a patient smiles to you after care and says "thank you".

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