Svetlana Björkman, Digital Business and Management

- I have judicial training from Saint Petersburg, and I’ve worked in e.g. the UN’s human rights projects. I’ve been with Wärtsilä since 2011, first as a Legal Counsel and later as a Business Development Manager. I was interested in doing an MBA program in Great Britain but couldn’t find one that I could’ve completed alongside my work. I was already familiar with Novia because my husband studied here, so I began to look for suitable programs.

- My own goal with this program is to find new avenues and means for improving current processes. Digitalization is important for Wärtsilä, and I want to contribute to the positive development of this within my own field and do the right things in the right way.

- I already have the practical knowledge, so it’s great to now also receive the theoretical foundation. Already at this stage it feels like I’ve gained a lot from the studies.