Mariana Antonaki, Master of Business Administration, Service Design

Mariana Antonaki is currently a student in the Master of Business Administration, Service design Degree Programme at Novia University of Applied Sciences. Mariana shared with us the advantages of Finnish education compared with other countries.

Advantages of Studying in Finland

What are the main differences between your studies in Finland and Greece?

The programme focuses on students and the quality of studies, in a way that I’ve never seen in Greece: as a student you never feel like "a number" and each one’s ideas, skills, creativity are applauded and encouraged first and foremost by the teachers.

The lack of a strict hierarchy that is part of the Finnish work culture is particularly evident in Universities/Universities of Applied Sciences, as teachers are approachable and always make sure to respond politely and caringly to students.

What the Finnish education system does right is to treat students as citizens, with independent existence and critical thinking, tomorrow's professionals who are called upon to make important decisions with good judgment.

What made you decide to study at Novia UAS?

I chose Novia UAS because of the field of study and the Degree Programme, as well as the possibility of distance learning at hours and days convenient for my work.

What made you decide to study in Finland instead of another country?

Finnish Universities /Universities of Applied Sciences are free at both Bachelor and Master level for Greek students as EU/EEA citizens and their quality is directly compared to other countries such as UK, Germany, etc.

Additionally, Finland is a reliable country: life has a high level without running in anxiety all day or being afraid of what comes next and children receive an excellent education in a civilized environment. Cold and darkness; you get used to!

Further Information

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