Master of Culture and Arts, Music Creation and Diversity

Degree: Master of Culture and Arts
Field of study: Arts and Humanities
Extent: 1,5 years 60 credits
Location: Low-residency
Application period:

This brand new Master’s degree in Music Creation and Diversity comprises of 60 ECTS and is a cooperation between Novia University of Applied Sciences and the Songwriters Academy of Sweden - Musikmakarna.

The programme is intended for active music creators who wants to further their career development towards diversity in the fields of the global music industry. The different professional and diversified cultural backgrounds of the students will provide a dynamic and interactive learning environment. The courses will obtain tools to implement core values as equality and diversity in the work within the global music industry, future ecosystems and value chains.

Study objectives

The degree programme in Music Creation and Diversity gives you a unique opportunity to develop your creative profile and musical identity. During the studies you will work individually as well as in mutual creative music sessions. You will also be able to establish international contacts to expand your professional network.

The programme is organised as part-time studies which will include contact and distance studies. During the studies, you develop and work with projects linked to working life, based on your own musical profile.

The programme in Music Creation and Diversity has a global profile with experts from different areas of the music industry as lecturers and mentors. During the studies, students will also have a chance to visit some of the exciting music and cultural centers around the world, in order to become acquainted with the diversified global music industry.

We plan on location studies in Jakobstad/Pietarsaari (Finland) and Örnsköldsvik (Sweden) as well as  centres of interest in the global music industry such as Asia, America and Africa. If we are not able to travel the traditional way due to the COVID 19-pandemic, we still make sure to give you the tools to get the international network and influences through virtual solutions. Novia will provide a small budget for the study tours. The travel and accommodation expenses to Jakobstad and Örnsköldsvik are usually not covered by Novia. The programme will offer some scholarship possibilities.

Career Opportunities

The programme leads to higher professional qualifications and is strongly focused on creating the conditions for being active in the global music industry based on your musical profile and identity. The programme gives you the skills to develop and find the right market for your musical activities based on diversified cultures, trends and traditions. The music industry is in need of key persons with these global competences. Your new networks will support opportunities to create new strategies and value chains for your future music career.


Key words for the programme:                                             

  • Innovative and diversified music creation                                                               
  • Music Business from a Diversity Perspective                                                          
  • Music Industry & Project Studies                                                                                 
  • Diversity “on location studies”                                                            

The programme has an international profile and experts from various fields in the music industry will be featured. They will both lecture and work as supervisors and mentors for you during your individual work process throughout the programme. This programme will be performed in close cooperation with world wide music business.


The thesis comprises of 30 ECTS and it will be a comprehensive individual project where you will develop your own professional profile in the music industry. The thesis consists of preparation, research methodology, research, scientific writing and project work. Mentorship and continuous feedback are an important part of your thesis process. Your master’s thesis can be valuable for companies, educational institutions and other stakeholders in the music industry.

Co-operation with other parties

A wide range of music business companies and stakeholders globally will collaborate with students within the programme. Established music creators such as songwriters, producers and artists will be involved in the process. Experienced lecturers will contribute to high relevance within the programme.

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