Leadership and Service Design

No admission 2023

However, you can 2023 apply to become a Master of Business Administration in Turku by applying to our degree programme in Service Design. Read more here!

The Master's degree programme in Leadership and Service Design leads to one of three different degree titles depending on your previous Bachelor degree. Upon completion one of the following degrees are awarded:

Your previous Bachelor degree will determine the extent of your studies. Studies for Master of Culture and Arts equals to 60 credits, whereas Master of Business Administration or Master of Hospitality Management require 90 credits.

The studies are aimed for you with a few years of creative or business experience. The different professional and cultural backgrounds of the students will enable a dynamic and interactive learning environment. The studies are suitable for persons that want to work with leadership and service design tasks within creative business.

After studying in this programme you will be prepared to work with leadership and service design tasks within different organizations which want to develop their services. The programme also gives you an insight in starting or developing your own business. The studies give you an advanced knowledge base for leadership tasks of multi professionals and tools for the future leadership challenges in the business.

The programme is organized in cooperation between Turku University of Applied Sciences and Novia University of Applied Sciences in Turku, Finland. It is offered in English. The preliminary curriculum structure can be found here >

Eligibility to apply

General eligibility for Master’s degree programmes at universities of applied sciences according to the recommendation for admission criteria. Eligibility for a UAS Master’s degree programme is conferred by an appropriate UAS Bachelor’s degree or another appropriate higher education degree and at least three years of subsequent work experience in a relevant field.

When admitted to Leadership and Service Design the student will be registered to complete a degree closest to the own educational background. For example, when applying with Bachelor of Hospitality Management the student will obtain the corresponding Master’s degree in Hospitality Management upon graduation.