Master of Culture and Arts, Music, Media & Marketing

Degree: Master of Culture and Arts
Field of study: Arts and Humanities
Extent: 1,5 years 60 credits
Location: Pietarsaari
Application period:

No admission 2022 

Entrepreneurship in the Arts, Music, Media & Marketing
The brand new Master´s degree programme Entrepreneurship In the Art, Music, Media & Marketing requires 60 ECTS. The studies are intended for active professionals in the fields of the music business who wants to further their career development. The different professional and cultural backgrounds of the students will provide a dynamic and interactive learning environment. The programme is organised as part-time studies which will include contact and distance studies. During the studies, you develop and work with projects linked to working life based on your own musical profile.

Study Objectives and Studies

The degree programme offers you a unique opportunity to upgrade your entrepreneurial skills as well as ways of communicating your artistic practice. You will also have the chance to establish international contacts in order to expand your field of professional activity. The studies are aimed for professional musicians with a Bachelor or Master degree and at least three years’ (36 months) work experience in the music business.

Through mentorship, workshops, field trips and individual studies, the program will allow you to:

  • Improve your ability to work professionally at both national and international levels
  • Clarify and develop your artistic and musical identity
  • Develop your ability to plan and manage your own work to fit in with local, national and international conditions
  • Create professional networks in the music industry
  • Develop your ability to communicate and present your artistic and musical profile
  • Develop your portfolio and other presentation tools
  • Take a closer look at current culture, tradition and trends at the international music arenas
  • Learn about booking companies, record companies, established music festivals and scenes, and get the chance to visit a selection of these events

Study Contents and Key Persons

The studies are tailored in these blocks:

  • Music Industry Analyses, 10 ECTS
  • The Music Scenes and Business, 10 ECTS
  • Professional Profile, 10 ECTS
  • Master´s Thesis, 30 ECTS

Key Persons

The program has an international profile and experts from various fields in the music industry will be featured. They will both lecture and work as supervisors and mentors for you during your individual work process throughout the program.

Professor Richard Smith will be your mentor and artistic leader of the program. Richard has a long international recording and performing career behind him and teaches musicians at one of the premier universities schools in the United States. Read more about Richard here.

Career Opportunities

The programme leads to a higher professional qualification and it is strongly focused on creating the conditions for being active in the music industry at an international level, based on the musicians musical profile and identity. After studying in this programme, the student should have the knowledge to develop and find the right market and the right scenes to reach out with his or her product. The student should also have ability to network and create materials and strategies for marketing his or her artistic profile and product.

Eligibility to Apply

The studies are aimed for professional musicians with a Bachelor or Master degree and at least 36 months of work experience in the field of the music business.

 The Language of Instruction

The programme is offered in English.

Final Project

The thesis comprises of 30 ECTS and it will be a comprehensive individual project where you will develop your own professional profile in the music industry. It will show your production and presentation methods and should focus on visualizing your artistic and musical identity. Your work with the final project leads to an finished product (such as a DVD, CD, media and marketing plan, major music production, concert, etc.) that shows what you have learned throughout the program and which insights you have gained. The thesis consists of preparation, research methodology, research, scientific writing and project work. Mentorship and continuous feedback are an important part of the thesis.


An international learning environment will be realised by students and teachers having an international background and experience.

During the studies, you will visit London to stay in the heart of the international music industry. You will get to know the industry from different perspectives and actively network with musicians and industry people based on your own artistic profile. The students will also visit Agder University in Norway. There will all the students together create a joint development project in the music industry.

The programme will also be visited by international and national guest lecturers in the industry and within the various sub-courses.

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