Intelligent Systems Institute

Intelligent Systems Institute

The Intelligent Systems Institute brings together and builds new competence within the research field of applied Intelligent Systems. This is achieved by combining the expertise from the Intelligent Systems research group at Novia UAS in Vaasa together with extraordinary international students with multidisciplinary backgrounds. This novel combination and cooperation creates high potential to respond to arising research and educational needs regarding intelligent and autonomous systems focusing on AI for industrial applications.

Talent Program

Novia UAS offers a talent program in the Intelligent Systems Institute, to which up to five (5) international talents are approved on a yearly basis. These students are offered positions as Research Assistants at the Novia UAS and get financially compensated for the research work that they do within the institute (through scholarships and/or employment during the semesters). These paid positions are awarded to students with outstanding track records including both university grades as well as work credentials. A position at the institute enables part-time studies in the master degree program in conjunction with applied research work.

All applications will be processed during spring including also interviews of the applicant to the institute. The research work will commence in September.

More detailed information will be posted on this page when available.