Visa & residence permits

A visa is a combined entry and residence permit. If your studies in Finland last for more than three months, you may need a residence permit.

  • Citizens of the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland) do not need a residence permit, but are registered at a Register Office if they stay in Finland for longer than six (6) months.
  • EU citizens and citizens of Liechtenstein and Switzerland do not need a residence permit, but they must register their right to reside in Finland if their stay lasts for longer than three (3) months.
  • Other non-EU students need to apply for a residence permit before entering Finland.

Important information for all students who need a residence permit.

More information is available from your local Finnish Embassy or Consulate or on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service Migri.

Student's income

The Finnish government does not usually fund the stay of foreign students in Finland. Persons who come to Finland solely for the purpose of studying are not entitled to the Finnish study grant.

Exchange students must thus self-finance his or her stay in Finland during the studies. Average costs for accommodation, food and local transportation is about 560 €/month.

The Finnish government does not provide funding for a EU citizen to stay in Finland, nor does it cover expenses for medical care for such a person. Students must show proof that they have sufficient funding for their studies. The student may provide proof of funding in any way he or she chooses.

Students from Nordic countries do not need to provide proof of funding.

Non EU-students must show that his or her income is secured either with a scholarship, a grant or other funds with which the student can support him- or herself during the academic year. When applying for a residence permit you need a bank statement or equivalent to prove that you have at your disposal at least 560 euro a month or 6000 euro for a year.