Continuing Education

Continuing Education, Open Studies at Novia University of Applied Sciences are available to everyone, irrespective of age or educational background.

For whom?

Open studies are suitable for you if:

  • You are planning to apply to a university of applied sciences in the future
  • You want to make good use of your break year between schools or after army
  • You want to develop competences useful for your career development
  • You are planning to change occupation

What can I study?

Open studies are offered within all degree programmes at Novia. The courses included in our degree programmes are mainly run daytime, and many courses require some contact hours, i.e. compulsory attendance.

Within Open UAS you participate as an additional student in the group.
Please, find more information from the programmes of your interest. You will also find the curricula for some of the programmes and the contact person for each programme.


Health and Welfare

Technology and Seafaring



Individual courses

Some courses are carried out individually, and will be advertised on More info about the courses here. 


Fees for open studies are 15 euro per credits. You can complete a number of credits  as integrated student during a semester with a single payment of 100 euro. If you apply for separate courses, costs for each course is specified in course info. You will get a link to online payment after the course start.

Students registered in schools (UAS, Universities and schools at the second stage)  in Finland study for free. Mention name of your school in application.  If you are a registered Novia alumni you  can join Open UAS courses for free until December 31 2024. 

How do I register?

Before you register for a degree programme, please note, there might be courses with pre-requisites. As a main rule you are able to register all year round. However, it is good to keep in mind that the academic year in Finland starts in August, which means that most of the basic studies are offered in the Autumn semester. The academic year runs for two semesters and ends in late May.


The Application form for integrated Open UAS is found at this link:


Before you apply, please contact the coordinator for the Open UAS or the contact person for the programme you are interested in for more information.

Important things to know

  • Studies at the Open UAS do not lead to a degree. In order to complete a degree, you must apply for admission to Novia's degree programmes through the national joint application for universities of applied sciences.
  • As an Open UAS student you will study as an integrated student in a group of degree students.
  • You register for a semester. If you intend to study a second semester you have to apply and make a new payment.
  • Payments are not refunded if you choose to end your studies.
  • If you are in need of a visa or residence permit to stay in Finland you should be aware of that Open Studies will not entitle a foreign citizen to get an entry visa or residence permit. For further information, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service,
  • The Admissions Services handles all applications for degree studies at Novia UAS. You find more info about the regular intake from this site.
  • If you are looking for studies in English, and can not find it at Novia, please visit

Welcome to the Open University of Applied Sciences at Novia!