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Clinical microbiology and hygiene

Realization plans
Code: VÅV18BV03
Name: Clinical microbiology and hygiene
Extent of studies: 3
Rekommenderad studiegång (SP): Year 1: 3    Year 2:     Year 3:     Year 4:     Year 5:     
Course-specific competence: The student will:
- master the terminology of clinical microbiology to the extent needed in nursing care
- understand the concept of microbe and become familiar with the biology of different microbe groups, bacteria, virus, protozoa, and fungi
- become familiar with the most common pathogenes
- understand the human microbiota (normal flora) and how microbes spread
- have fundamental insights into the resistance development of bacteria, and understand the biology behind the resistance of bacteria
- be able to apply course competences to the above mentioned fields of nursing care
- master aseptic methods
Course-specific competence (file):
Language of instruction: Svenska
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