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Building Care and Renewal

Realization plans
Code: BYV14EF05
Name: Building Care and Renewal
Extent of studies: 3
Rekommenderad studiegång (SP): Year 1:     Year 2:     Year 3: 3    Year 4:     Year 5:     
Course-specific competence: - understands the importance of the built environment on humans and on the community
- understands the importance of building conservations in administration of the built environment
- knows what to observe when a building is inspected by eye and can also in a structural way report the condition of the building
- can do a suitable action proposal based on a done condition evaluation
- knows the most common sample-taking methods (1) for condition evaluation. Knows what can be discovered with each method (1) and can find relevant comparison data from the literature. Can make relevant conclusions based on measured and comparison values (3)
- can based on an investigation by eye conclude the most acute renovation actions are and where more detailed research are needed (1)
- can make an overall judgement (3) in which order and to what extent it is economical to renovate a building (3)
- can recognize typical symptoms of concrete damages that are visible on the surface (1) and knows alternative reparation methods for those. Knows (3) and are very familiar (5) how factors like weather, wind and temperature impacts on the results in facade renovations that includes concrete and mortar
- understands how the extent of the renovation impacts on the technical lifetime for the building (1) and can calculate how large a renovation work is economical to do (5)
- knows common damage types caused by insects and by fungus, decay and mold attacks. Knows both preve
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