Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics, Beauty Care

Degree: Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics
Field of study: Health and Welfare
Extent: 3,5 years 210 credits
Location: Vaasa
Application period: 4-18 January 2023

Study Objectives

A Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics affects human inner well-being by working with external conditions, ie. appearance. The student creates aesthetic and visual entities on customers and models in varying work environments. A Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics has broad expertise in the beauty industry's topics such as makeup, style, hair and skin and can perform various tasks.

The beauty industry is a growing and creative industry and includes several areas of knowledge. In this degree programme, the student gain competencies in style and looks, skin care, makeup, hair design, entrepreneurship, marketing and sales, image photography, inner well-being, product knowledge and cosmetics.


Competence in elaboration of Beauty Care services and products

  • The Bachelor of Beauty Care can plan and elaborate services within skin and hair care and manage service production during elaboration of the industry and the own profession. The Bachelor engages in an international work environment with respect for ethical principles.

Skin, hair, makeup and style skills

  • The Bachelor of Beauty Care masters the principles of human anatomical, physiological and bodily functions, and the care and style-related factors that promote good health. The Bachelor can guide customers and the work community in the safe use and elaboration of industry products, services and tools.

Cosmetic competence

  • The Bachelor of Beauty Care masters the chemical, physiological and communicative traits of cosmetic products, and considers the requirements of raw materials and packaging, legislation and sustainable elaboration in own dealings with cosmetic products in connection with the various tasks in the industry, sales, marketing and product development.

Competence in the beauty industry´s business and entrepreneurship

  • The Bachelor of Beauty Care has knowledge of the principles for planning activities for business within the industry and of the rules of entrepreneurship and can apply the tools of business activities in a national and international business environment. The Bachelor operates as an entrepreneur and can elaborate the business on an ethical sustainable basis.

Competence in the beauty industry´s research and development

  • The Bachelor of Beauty Care has the ability, with the help of networks, to research and develop business activities in the industry and in own professional area in a work-related way. 

Study Contents

The studies consist of Core Studies, Professional Studies, Optional Studies, Student Internships and Bachelor´s Thesis. The Core Studies are basic studies such as introduction to UAS studies, language and digital tools used in Beauty Care. The Professional Studies focus mainly on Skin Care and Makeup, Hair Care and Hair Design, Chemistry and Cosmetics, Style and Fashion and Entrepreneurship. Student Internships are conducted within Basic Beauty Skills, Specialized Beauty Skills and Advanced Beauty Skills and Leadership.

Student-centered working methods, teamwork and project work, virtual studies, workshops, lectures, demonstrations, practical exercises, study visits, student internship and self-studies are the teaching methods at the degree programme. The students have also access to the degree programme´s beauty studio.

During the study period, students create and participate in projects and events, which develop creativity and competence. Creating a fashion show is one example of a project. These opportunities are made in collaboration with working life and sponsors, which gives the student good opportunities to make contacts and build a professional network.

The studies also contain fashion and trend analyzes which are important for the students work and excursions are made to stay up to date in the industry. In the courses for different industry areas, students become acquainted with the activities of working life. The student internships comprises 48 credits and each academic year a student internship is made. Students are encouraged to do the internships abroad and there are good opportunities for that, for example in Sweden.

Structure of studies

The studies consist of:

  • Core Studies 18 ECTS
  • Professional Studies 124 ECTS
  • Optional Studies 5 ECTS
  • Student Internship 48 ECTS
  • Bachelor´s Thesis 15 ECTS

The language of instruction

The language of education and examination is English. Courses and course literature are also in English.

Career Opportunities

The broad competence provides varying job opportunities in different industry areas. Examples of professional titles are stylist, freelance Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics with makeup and / or hair in fashion and beauty, buyer, consultant for industry companies, store manager, sales advisor, team leader / coach in product and service sales, entrepreneur or in industry development or education. The graduate can also work at press offices, showrooms, trend agencies and industry magazines. Career opportunities and how the students advance in their careers vary for the different industry areas.


Students conduct their studies in a team of students from several different countries. A natural part of the studies is to enhance multicultural working skills. The programme enables the students to create an international network that is useful throughout their career. Many of our students also choose to do student internship abroad in different areas within the industry.

Novia's students can participate in international activities by:

  • study as an exchange student for a semester or academic year at one of our partner schools around the world
  • perform one or more practical training periods abroad
  • participate in intensive courses and projects together with international students

The program collaborates with European universities in Belgium, Greece and Lithuania. Student internship abroad are popular among students and the internship provide good opportunities to make international contacts, create networks and develop the professional profile.

Final Project

The final project comprises 15 credits. It often acts as a bridge between studies and working life and gives students the opportunity to apply theoretical models to practical issues. The work becomes part of the student's personal competence profile. The final project can consist of internal and / or external commissioned work, collaborative projects or other work-related work. These can be, for example:

  • an investigation (eg investigation, mapping, analysis and / or evaluation)
  • a development work (eg development of working methods or activities)
  • product development (eg a prototype or a model)
  • a plan, a product or an artistic work (eg an event, a collection, an artistic production, a course, the design of a material such as a guide / manual or handbook)
  • a portfolio.

Co-operation with other parties

Beauty and Cosmetics collaborate with the region´s industry businesses as well as with other businesses and organizations in the various areas of knowledge through joint projects. These collaborations are usually shorter projects and events. The range of customers in the projects can vary from young adult to senior, which gives good experience to the student. The degree programme also engage external industry lecturers in courses.