Service Design

Pre-task and CV 

All applicants must fill in an electronic application form by the end of the application period (no later than 19 January 2022), and submit pre-tasks no later than 26 January 2022 at 3 pm Finnish time. Pre-tasks submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

 Service Design pre-task

Analyse an existing service, describe it and visualize it as a customer journey. Analyse and discuss as well, how the service could be improved and mark your improvement suggestions on the customer journey.

Extent 3-5 pages.

Source material: Stickdorn, M., Hormess, M.E. & Lawrence, A. 2018. This Is Service Design Doing: Applying Service Design Thinking in the Real World. O’Reilly Media. USA, or corresponding literature. An excerpt of the book can be found on:

Assessment: 0-50 points.

Assessment criteria:

  • Fluent written English
  • Depth of the analysis
  • Versatility of the development plans

CV: 1-2 pages

Upload the pre-assignment and your CV as separate pdf-files in the online application form in

Applicants with approved pre-tasks will be invited to the entrance examination. Applicants who have not submitted a pre-task will not be invited to the entrance examination.

Entrance Examination

The entrance examination will be held in the form of an e-interview during 7-11 March 2022. Eligible applicants with an approved pre-task will be invited to the e-interview. Invitations to the e-interviews are sent to the e-mail address given in the application in the beginning of March at the latest. Check also the trash e-mail folder.

An approved pre-assignment qualifies you to be invited to the e-interview (at least 15/50 points). The pre-assignment and the e-interview can give you a maximum of 100 points in total. You must obtain at least 50/100 points to be considered for admission.

Assessment of the e-interview:

  • Assessment: 0-50 points.
  • Assessment criteria:
  • English language proficiency
  • Ability to interact
  • Interest and motivation

Novia UAS Master of Business Administration, Service Design cooperates with Turku UAS Master of Business Administration, Service Design. The admission results of the pre-task and entrance examination are accepted at both degree programmes.

In cases of equal admission scores, applicants will be automatically ranked by lots drawn by a computer system.