Applying for a Transfer


Transfer student application to Novia UAS

A transfer student is a student who’s right to study is transferred either

  • from a university/UAS in Finland to another or,
  • within the university of applied sciences so that the qualification title to be gained from the studies changes.

General admission criteria

  • the applicant must have a valid right to study at a univesity/an UAS in Finland
  • the applicant has been registered as attending for at least one academic year (two terms) at the sending university/degree programme/specialisation
  • has enough study time left to complete a degree during the remaining study time
  • that the completed studies are suitable for the degree programme/specialisation the applicant is applying to
  • the applicant must have advanced purposefully in their previous studies

The receiving institution assesses whether there are vacant places of study and/or sufficient access to internships.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of vacant study places, the applicants are ranked based on:
1. Unweighted average of the grades on the Transcript of Records
2. The number of credits completed

When accepting a study place through a transfer student application, the previous study place is automatically cancelled. The duration of study for the new degree will not be extended, and the time used for the previous studies will be subtracted from the new duration of study.

Application deadline

Transfer students must submit an electronic application through during the following application period:

1-15 May, 3 pm Finnish time (for studies beginning in the autumn).

(The programs participating in the application will be published on before the application begins).

As attachments to the application, please send
- a study certificate from which it appears when the studies have begun and any periods of absence,
- a Transcript of Records from which the number of credits completed emerges,
- a list of any achievements that were not entered in the study register at the time of application and ongoing courses,

Upload your application attachments in studyinfo when you submit your application form not later than 15 May at 3 pm.

After the application

Admission: The results will be published no later than
30 June (for studies beginning in the autumn) .

Accept your study place in
Latest 31 July (for studies beginning in the autumn) .

When a transfer student confirms his/her acceptance of the new study place, he/she loses the right to study at the sending institution. The new right to study begins 1 August.

If the offered study place is not accepted, within the given time, it will be cancelled automatically.


If you have questions about the application process, please contact