Health and Safety Requirements

These specific admission requirements concern the following Bachelor degree programmes: Maritime Management, Captain (full-time and part-time), Maritime Technology and Nursing.

According to the Act on Universities of Applied Sciences 932/2014, there are certain requirements which can prohibit admission, they are:

  • Health requirements which must be met within a specific profession
  • A previous decision on cancelled student admission

Later during the education the UAS has the right to require certain examinations of a student's health condition, if the student has seriously or several times endangered his/her own or other people's safety during his/her studies or practical training. These health examinations can include requiring the student to take a drug-test. If the studies require a significant amount of work among minors/adolescents the UAS can require an extract on criminal background. If the result of the health examinations or extract on criminal background show that the student is inappropriate for that field of study the admission may be cancelled as a final solution. The rules of conduct at Novia UAS are determined by the Degree Regulations.

Submission of Health Certificates

Only admitted students to the Nursing programme, Maritime Management, Captain programme or Maritime Technology programme are required to provide a health certificate in connection with the start of the studies. Further information will be available in our information for new students or can be obtained in advance by contacting Admissions Services. A health certificate is not required when applying, only if accepted as a student.