Otto Åkerberg, Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Akerberg Otto4In short: Tell us about your profession, how you got that profession and factors that impacted your choice of profession?

I work as a Regional manager for a larger Engineering company. In short, I am responsible for sales of our software product in Northern Europe.

While studying I worked for a hospital in Ekenäs, the hospital used the software product that I am now representing. I kind of moved from one side of the table to the other.

I got my current role after working in different positions such as a project manager, consultant and account manager for some years. I have been working full time with international sales since 2015.As I was already familiar with the software and the property maintenance business it was quite an easy and natural step to do. 

One big factor as to why I am working in sales and not with electrical design is that I am way too social.

The best things about your profession?

Meeting people, learning to know different cultures.
Although the culture and values in the Nordic and Baltic countries are quite similar, there are some differences, finding them is a challenge but also gives you another perspective of what it is to be a Finn.

How has your education impacted your choice of profession and how you got to that profession? / Do you feel that your education has been of value to your professional life?

My education is an enabler to what I now do. Without it I would not be here today. I had no set plans what I was supposed to do after graduation, things just happened.
The value of a good education is important, but one needs to understand that the education only gives you tools for the professional life. After graduation one needs to learn how to use them.

What do you miss the most from your time studying?

The people I learned to know while studying and also Wednesday nights. In hindsight the time while you are studying is the best time of your life, less responsibilities, stress and you actually have a lot of spare time.
Enjoy your time while studying. You will have time to work.

What are your plans for the future?

I have no set plans; I will keep on being interested in new things and will not stop to learn new stuff.
I have soon done my first half of my working life, staying in tune with todays and tomorrows needs in the professional life is a focus.