Andrea Weckman, Bachelor of Natural Resources, Sustainable Coastal Management

In short: Tell us about your profession, how you got that profession and factors that impacted your choice of profession

I work as a Circular Economy Expert at the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY). The job includes following up on and developing circular economy indicators in the Helsinki region, calculating material flows, working with regional and municipal climate and circular economy strategies and quite a lot of project work. I love that in this work I can combine a lot of what I learned both during my studies and from past work experience. A higher education in environmental management and a diverse work experience is exactly what got me here.. 

The best things about your profession

The best thing is that I always seem to learn something new, and that there really is room to develop, not only myself but also the work itself. I feel like what I do is helping to make a difference. My current job is very varied and versatile, and I have the luxury of working in a team with the best people one could wish for as colleagues.

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How has your education impacted your choice of profession and how you got to that profession? / Do you feel that your education has been of value to your professional life?

After my Bachelor studies at Novia I continued with Master studies at Lund University. This has been a great combination and given me some advantage in professional life, due to the versatility. My education in multidisciplinary sustainability, natural resources and environmental management has impacted greatly what I do, and I benefit from the education more or less every day. Experience of project work and a broad understanding of different sectors and stakeholders, natural processes and interlinkages between different issues have really been important working with circular economy questions on a regional level.

What do you miss the most from your time studying?

Definitely the diversity, of both people and courses. The best memories are probably from outside school hours, as it usually is with student life ;). We were a fun group and we had the greatest time getting to know each other. People from different places, with different points of view do make the best team, and really did prepare for life after school. Working mostly by the computer, I now also miss the study days where we in the morning could be out in the field, taking water samples in the beautiful archipelago and in the afternoon studying legislation or macroeconomics.

What are your plans for the future?

I will, in one way or another, continue to work with sustainability and environmental issues. Until the climate and biodiversity crisis is overcome and we are living in a totally circular economy, there is work to do!