We are part of the transition that is needed

Our goal is to strengthen our know-how and to give Novia a prominent role in realizing Finland's bioeconomic strategy. We combine high-quality research with a practical application of sustainable management of natural resources. We work for an integrated approach to the bioeconomy where different industries can meet and generate new processed products and services.

The research college's activity reports can be found under the heading "Activity report"

The Research Teams are active in the Faculty of Bioeconomy and is led by Research Manager Marianne Fred. The team focuses on more academic research and consists of  a core troupe of senior researchers with their own, externally funded research groups.

Our Activities

  • Contributes to a sustainable and fair transition.
  • Is cross-professional and multi-professional.
  • Builds on solid project knowledge, research and focused applied research.
  • Contributes to knowledge enhancing, for example through continuing education, seminars and publications.
  • Is in constant development.

Example from our projects

Smak, diversitet, teknologi och natur - Matregion Nyland blickar framåt

Questions about our projects and RDI?

You reach the staff at firstname.lastname@novia.fi. See full staff detail under "contact us"

Marianne Fred kontakt

Marianne Fred

Research Manager

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10600 EKENÄS

Pia Gustafsson

Research Assistant

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