Get involved as an alumni

As an alumni, you are highly valuable to Novia University of Applied Sciences – our alumni are our best ambassadors! Are you interested in developing and improving our degree programmes, as well as giving prospective and current students insights into life after studies?

Guest lecturer or study visits to your company

Would you like to be a guest lecturer at Novia UAS? You can also use the chance to promote your company to our students! This also affords you the opportunity to reflect over your career and share your experiences.

Receive study visits

Many degree programmes and student associations organise study visits to companies, authorities, and organisations. Are you interested in welcoming students and introducing them to your workplace and its operations?

Do you have other thoughts or ideas regarding your involvement in alumni activities? Please feel free to share them with us!


As a member in our alumni network, you can:
  • recruit students via the Novia UAS career service for companies
  • commission thesis projects and studies
  • receive help in arranging meetings with your university friends
  • stay in touch with your fellow students and create new, valuable professional contacts
  • receive information about events, Continuing Education opportunities, as well as Research, Development, and Innovation projects
  • volunteer as an expert or lecturer at seminars and courses
  • promote your company by welcoming our student groups for visits
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Who is a Novia UAS Alumnus?

Everyone who has studied at, and graduated from, Novia University of Applied Sciences and its predecessor is a Novia UAS Alumnus.

You can register yourself as an alumnus in our electronic network through the alumni website.

Information about how Novia University of Applied Sciences processes your personal data.

Personal Data Protection Policy
At Novia UAS, we process personal data in order to fulfill our assignment as a public authority (higher education institution), i.e. to provide first-class education and research, and collaborate with the entire society. We also do it to review and develop our operations, and to comply with the law.
All processing of personal data at Novia UAS occurs in order to promote these purposes. Processing must also have a legal basis. Only the personal data needed for a particular purpose is processed.
Processing of personal data for people wishing to join the Novia alumni network
The personal data you provide in connection with registration in the alumni network are contact details, relationship with Novia and connection with associations within the alumni network, completed studies and career details. Personal data is processed in accordance with the personal data protection policy. Novia is the data controller. The purpose is to maintain contact and develop the relationship with alumni from University of Applied Sciences. For this we need access to current contact details, including email address. Membership is valid until you choose to secede yourself.


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Alumni Blog

Novia UAS alumni are encouraged to guest blog about their study time, their working lives and careers, or other pleasant experiences and events. You are welcome to contact the Novia UAS Alumni Coordinator if you have an interesting blog topic in mind.