Career Monitoring Survey

Novia University of Applied Sciences actively follows up on how our alumni position themselves in working life. Novia sees it as her responsibility that graduates get a good job that is based on their education and degree. Training shall provide graduates with a competitive position in the labour market and prepare for lifelong learning. Novia strives to ensure that our educations have a good content and design that results in alumni being and remaining attractive in the job market. Providing good training is also about being responsive to what skills are in demand in the labour market.

Target audience:

Career follow-up quizzes are sent out each year to people who have graduated with polytechnic or higher polytechnic degrees five years ago.

The survey:

The purpose of this survey is to survey the work situation of examinees today, their career development and how they view their previous education. The survey measures alumni employment rates, the type of jobs they received, in which industries they work, which employers hire them, and career entirety. The survey also underlines what alumni think about their education and whether the education lives up to the demands of the work as well as their time at Novia.

The survey is conducted annually in October and November.


UAS’ career monitoring survey –results of the graduates of 2015

UAS’ career monitoring survey –results of the graduates of 2014

UAS’ career monitoring survey –results of the graduates of 2013


Survey, Fall 2022

Survey conducted in the interim 13.10 - 9.11.2022

For questions please contact:

Bella Alén

Alumni Coordinator