Novia Has Five Modern Campuses

  • Vaasa Campus

  • Turku Campus and Gripen Campus, Turku

  • Aboa Mare, Turku

  • Raasepori Campus

  • Campus Allegro, Pietarsaari

  • Subic Bay, Philippines
    Novia UAS is a share-holder of the Giga Mare Inc. which offers education within the maritime cluster in the Philippines. The ownership is seen as a strategic means to promote internationalisation and strengthen our position in Asia.

Faculties at Novia UAS

  • Faculty of Arts and Culture
    The faculty is located in Pietarsaari.
  • Faculty of Business
    The faculty has offices located in Vaasa, Turku, and Pietarsaari.
  • Faculty of  Bioeconomy
    The faculty is located in Raasepori.
  • Faculty of Health and Welfare
    The faculty has offices located in both Vaasa and Turku.
  • Faculty of Technology and Seafaring
    The faculty has offices located in Vaasa, Turku, and Raasepori.
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Novia UAS Offers

  • Bachelor's Degree Programmes
  • Master's Degree Programmes
  • Continuing Education Studies
  • Open UAS Studies
  • Open Path Studies


Fields of Study

  • Arts and Humanities

  • Bioeconomy

  • Business 
  • Health and Welfare
  • Technology and Seafaring

Bachelor's Degree Programmes at Novia UAS

Bachelor's Degree Programmes


Master's Degree Programmes at Novia UAS

Master's Degree Programmes



Novia is a modern multi-professional, high-class University of Applied Sciences (UAS), based in Finland. At our campuses in Vaasa, Turku, Raasepori, and Pietarsaari, our 5000 students and 350 staff work across disciplines to advance research and practical knowledge in the fields of

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Bioeconomy
  • Business
  • Health and Welfare
  • Technology and Seafaring


Novia UAS is owned by

  • Åbo Akademi, 75 %
  • Federation of Swedish Municipalities in Ostrobothnia for Education and Culture/
    Svenska Österbottens förbund för utbildning och kultur (Söfuk), 12,5 %
  • Utbildningsstiftelsen Sydväst, 12,5 %

Novia UAS Daughter and Associated Companies

  • The Schauman Hall (ownership 100 %)
  • Aboa Mare (ownership 70 %)
  • Edunova (ownership 50 %)
  • GigaMare Inc (ownership 20 %)

The Schauman Hall

Board: Örjan Andersson, Kaj-Gustaf Bergh  and secretary Anne Ekstrand.

CEO Håkan Omars. 

Aboa Mare Ab

Board: Örjan Andersson, Anna Henriksson and Kristian Blomqvist. 

CEO Riku Anttila

GigaMare Ab

Board: Walden H. Tantuico, Örjan Andersson, Anthony Shibley and Elisa B. Ullakonoja.

CEO Jari M. Ullakonoja.

Edunova Ab

Board: Ulrica Karp,  Örjan Andersson, Anne Levonen, Martin Norrgård and Stefan Malm.

CEO Max Hagström

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The Communication Team at Novia UAS helps journalists and the mass media find the right contact person, as well as obtain images and information about what is currently happening within Novia UAS.

Get in touch with the Head of Communication Jenny Svartsjö or Communicator Caroline Lång.


FINEEC Audited

Novia UAS has been approved by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) which is responsible for the evaluation of higher education institutions in Finland. The Council for the Evaluation of Colleges approved Novia UAS in an audit in January 2019 and, thus, the university of applied sciences was granted the national quality stamp for six years.

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