Novia is a dynamic, international University of Applied Sciences (UAS) with high-quality education, research and development and innovation activity supporting working life. Novia is a leading actor in continuous learning.

In its areas of strength Novia is at the forefront among the universities of applied sciences in Finland and competitive and successful internationally.

Nationally, Novia has a natural role in promoting collaboration with the Nordic countries.


Novia is an entrepreneurial UAS with close contact to its students and working life. Novia is dedicated to meeting the competence needs of bilingual Finland and its sustainable societal development.

Novia has extensive and concrete collaboration within the Nordic countries thanks to its cultural and linguistic heritage. Novia is working to make Finland stronger in the Nordic cultural community and to promote cooperation within business and working life.

Novia creates welfare through regional networking and global competence.


  • We put students, learning, and quality at the heart of what we do
  • We respond to the needs of working life with relevant education and applied research
  • We support continuous learning and individual personal development
  • We constantly evolve in our tasks and value each other's knowledge
  • We emphasise open-mindedness, dynamism, and creativity in all our business. Through continuous renewal and innovation, we guarantee the attractiveness and competitiveness of the polytechnic
  • Students, employees, and alumni are innovative Novians
  • We promote entrepreneurship
  • Our study and work community is characterised by transparency, participation, respect, and accountability
  • Our thinking is global and we are working towards sustainable development in accordance with Agenda 2030
  • We promote open science and research

Areas of Expertise


Sustainable Energy


Automation and Maritime


Interprofessional Health and


Business Development


Arts, Culture, and


Bioeconomy and Sustainable
Use of Natural Resources

  • Vaasa Campus
  • Turku Campus
  • Aboa Mare, Turku
  • Raasepori Campus
  • Campus Allegro, Pietarsaari
Other Business Points

•  Subic Bay, Philippines

  • Technology and Seafaring
  • Health and Welfare 
  • Business
  • Arts and Culture 
  • Bioeconomy

Students 4500
Staff 320

University of Applied Sciences Group at the Åbo Akademi University

Novia University of Applied Sciences

  • Schauman Hall (Jakobstads konsertsal Ab)
    (Ownership 100 %)
  • Aboa Mare Ab
    (Ownership 70 %)
  • EduNova Ab
    (Ownership 50 %)
  • GigaMare Inc
    (Ownership 20 %)
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High-Class Education and Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Activities

Student-Centred Learning

Student-centred learning forms the core of the Novia UAS educational activities where students and learning are at the center. We support our students in their learning process to accountability and purposefulness, where students' vision and belief in their own potential are at the heart.

Working Life Anchorage and Relevance

Novia's business is highly work-anchored and relevant. Activities are permeated by an active dialogue with the world of work and society. Novia receives international recognition in quality assessments that the business is planned and carried out with the relevance of work life as a beacon, at all levels. Both the training and FUI activities are well thought out, in collaboration with and are continuously and proactively adapted to the needs of the working life. Novia works in collaboration with the business community and other players regionally, nationally and internationally.


Sustainable solutions
Novia has long experience in developing and applying solutions for global sustainability, especially in ecological and technological
terms. How environmental resources are used is crucial for both the individual’s well-being and for maintaining the welfare society. The current global use of natural resources has led to a sustainability gap and the need for ecological reconstruction methods has increased.

Novia adopts an entrepreneurial approach and supports both intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship among its students. Students are coached to become active, innovative and enterprising individuals capable of employing themselves, as well as, becoming valuable team members in larger enterprises or organisations.

Nordic dimension
Owing to cultural and linguistic heritage Novia has extensive and concrete collaboration with the Nordic countries. The prerequisite
for all collaboration networks is the creation of knowledge and new applications, as well as the promotion of cohesion and mutual


Intelligent systems
The use of digital technology and applying it in social interactions is a normal part of our daily life. This has led to a continuous
creation and use of digitally accessible data within society and at Novia, which is now being used in a smarter way.

Novia Global Education

Novia develops flexible concepts and education services that are relevant also on the global education market. While these activities are permeated and supported by Novia’s areas of expertise and strength, they contribute to further develop these as part of Novia’s profile.

Three strategic goals

Global oriententation 
for a sustainable future 

Digital learning 
and digital services

Flexible education 
for continous learning

Novia strategy2030

Novia Strategi 2030