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Contact details


Current opening hours and details are found on Tritonia's web.

Contact details Tritonia:

Customer service phone 029 449 8258, email:

Contact persons for Novia:

Information Specialist Carina Engblom
phone 029 449 8552

Information Specialist Gun Vestman
phone 029 449 8262

Information Service Advisor Ann-Charlott Kempe
phone 029 449 8230

Pietarsaari / Jakobstad

Novia's library in Pietarsaari, called Allegro, is a part of Tritonia. Current opening hours and details of the service are found on Tritonia's web.

Contact details:

Phone (06) 328 5136

Contact person for Novia: 

Library Secretary Tina Hagnäs-Dubloo
phone (06) 328 5136


Turku /Åbo

Contact details

Libray services by Åbo Akademi library, at ASA-Library, Åbo Akademi University. Adress: Fänriksgatan 3 A.

Customer service; phone (02) 215 4180,email:

Contact persons for  Novia

Information Specialist Johanna Glader
phone 050 356 4729

Library Amanuensis Siv Österman
phone 050 326 3673

See the Åbo Akademi library's page for detailed opening hours.

Juhana Herttuan puistokatu

There is a reference library for the Degree Programmes in Seafaring on Juhana Herttuan puistokatu. 

Contact details

Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21, 20100 Turku
Library Amanuensis Siv Österman

The library is open weekdays 9am-4pm, not home-borrowing of the reference material. Service is available Wednesdays, 12-3pm.

Raasepori/ Raseborg

The library services are purchased from the city library and the Helle library catalogue is used for printed collections while the electronic resources are found in Alma-Novia.

Contact details

Raseborgsvägen 8, 10600 Ekenäs
phone (019) 289 2950

Contact person for Novia:

Librarian Malin Wikström-Orre
phone 019 289 2950

See Raseborgs stadsbibliotek for information on opening hours.