1) Apply Online at Studyinfo.fi    

Submit your application online at www.studyinfo.fi during Joint Application to Higher Education in spring 2023, between 3rd-17th January 2024 at 3 pm (Finnish time). Please submit your application well in advance of the deadline to avoid possible network problems and power cuts. Late applications are not considered.

2) Upload Attachments

Upload your application attachments in the online application form no later than 24th January 2024 at 3 pm (Finnish time).

3) Wait for Entrance Examination Invitation E-mail

For degree programmes that arrange entrance examinations, invitations to the entrance examinations are sent by e-mail from the end of February. Check your e-mail regularly, including your spam and junk folders. Only applicants that fulfill the eligibility requirements and have submitted an approved pre-task are invited to take part in the entrance examination.

4) Entrance Examinations 

If you are invited to the entrance examination, you should prepare for the entrance examinations that will be held online in March 2024. For our degree programmes that use an entrance examination as selection method, you must participate in the entrance examinations to be considered for admission. Note! The Master's degree programmes in Service Design and Digital Business and Management do not organize entrance examinations, but use other selection methods. Please familiarize yourself with the selection methods of each Master's degree programme

5) Results Available from Beginning of March

Wait for the decision on student admission to be published in www.studyinfo.fi. The results will be published continuously from the beginning of March, however, at the latest by 31st May 2024.  

6) Wait for ALL Results to be Published

Please notice that you can only accept one study place per semester in Finland, even if you are offered multiple study places. Accepting a study place is binding and cannot be changed.

7) Accepted as a Student?

Remember to accept your study place in the www.studyinfo.fi and follow the given instructions. Studies begin in August/September 2024, exact dates will be published in due course. Our offer package for new students is available at Information for New Students.

Admissions Office

Admissions Services
FI-65201 Vaasa, Finland
Tel + 358 (0)6 328 5055 

E-mail: admissions@novia.fi

Securemail service: securemail.novia.fi

Did you find us after the application period?

Our Open UAS courses are available to everyone. You can study courses from our bachelor's degree curricula as an OpenUAS student (non-degree studies). You can complete courses while waiting for the next application period for degree studies to begin.