DNV Certification Mark


Use of DNV Certification Mark

The graphical manual for the DNV certification mark (issued by DNV Certification Oy/Ab) describes, inter alia, the following:

  • Certificates can be reproduced to be used for marketing purposes. Since certificates are used only to a limited extent, the company should have written permission to do so by DNV.
  • The certificate holder may use the certification mark representing the certification standard for the certified place of business.
  • Certificate or certification mark may be used in letterheads, brochures and other marketing materials.
  • The certification mark must not be used directly on the product or the product mark in such close relation to product that they may be misconstrued as a product certificate. The mark shall also not be used on packaging, commercial samples or in certificates of approval.
  • The certification mark can be changed to the appropriate size, however, so that:
    - the brand is not larger than the company's own logo
    - the minimum size is 15 mm (width)
    - the gap between the certification mark and the company's own logo is not less than the width of the certification mark. This is true even when the certification mark is placed under the company logo.
    This also applies to web pages.

Download DNV Certification Mark ISO 9001 (Swedish)
Download DNV Certification Mark ISO 9001 (English)
Download DNV Certification Mark ISO 9001 (Finnish)

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