Pietarsaari as a place of study

Pietarsaari (Jakobstad) is a bilingual city in Ostrobothnia, with about 20 000 citizens. Pietarsaari (Jakobstad), is located in Western Finland, on the Gulf of Bothnia.

Jakobstad (Pierarsaari) is a charming and inspiring cultural city with about 19,500 inhabitants. The small town's advantages include close proximity to the campus, entertainment and leisure activities. There are several restaurants, cafes and many museums in the city. The proximity to the sea offers fine sandy beaches.

The Allegro Jakobstad campus is located next to the square in the heart of the city. A vibrant centre of culture and creativity has been created around three rediscovered 18th-century streets. Here you will find; ateliers, the White Box gallery, the flexible Black Box stage room and the Schauman Hall — one of the best acoustic environments in the country. Novia has about 350 students here, in the campus of about 550 college students

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Different actors offer housing options in Jakobstad. Retta offers apartments for rents and the "Ebbafastigheter" offers 16 student apartments close to Campus Allegro. On Facebook there is  "Hyresbostäder i Österbotten - Finland", where notices on apartments are published. 


Campus Allegro

The state-of-the-art Campus Allegro, is the place for nearly 300 of Novia's arts and humanities students. The campus also include Centria University of Applied Sciences, meaning that over 550 college students are located in the campus. The White Box, the Black Box and the Schauman Hall provide excellent environments for meetings between students and those who are already in the work field. The Schauman Hall is one of the best acoustic environments in the country with first-class audio technology, audiovisual technology, recording studio and instruments. The White Box, along with our workshops, studios and guest apartments, is a working environment for exhibitions, teaching and “Artist in Residence” activities. The Student Association has its own spaces in the student basement Allegrogen.

Performing arts educators have nice spaces to work in, including a Black Box, which is an empty black painted room, a modern, flexible form of stage room. Playing venues and audience placement can be varied according to need so one can depart from the traditional strict division between actor and audience, thus creating entirely new theatrical experiences. The space is used extensively also by the other education in culture, as the unique features of the Black Box come into their own for example for music students, who appreciate the sound quality of the room, and for installations of students in visual arts and performance.

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Location: Köpmansgatan 10, 68600 Jakobstad, phone (06) 328 5821, email: studentservices@novia.fi