Julia Olin Digital marknadsforing

Digitala marknadsföringsmöjligheter, 3 sp

Free spots
No fee
Application time
7.5.2024 08:00 - 1.10.2024 23:59
3 sp
Swedish, English
7.10.2024 - 20.10.2024

Content & Channels - what you have to say and who you want to reach. Where your audience is and how best to communicate with them.

Message & Packaging - how can you communicate with your target audience in a smart way and package what you have to offer in an attractive way?

Platforms & Dissemination - we take a closer look at different platforms that enable digital marketing and the principles behind them linked to algorithms.

Pre-recorded lectures with associated assignments on the Moodle learning platform.
Any study materials are linked to on Moodle.

Eero Paalanen, eero.paalanen@novia.fi
Ida Britta Petrelius, idabritta.petrelius@novia.fi