Aurelie Noel

Aurélie Noel

Aurélie Noel is a new team leader for our core expertise in Spatial planning at the faculty/department of Bioeconomy and a lecturer for the introductive open/elective online course “GIS for bioeconomy”.

Aurélie obtained her first master’s degree in Geographical Sciences and Natural Hazards Management from the Université de Liège in Belgium in 2008 and her second master’s degree in Environment and Geography from the University of Manitoba in Canada in 2022. Her work was, and is, oriented towards using geo-informatics (a.k.a. geospatial data informatic processing), remote sensing (aerial, satellite, and drone) and spatial planning as tools to assess and develop sustainable spatial solutions for the natural and social environments, whether it was in Morocco, Vietnam, or Northern Canada during her studies or locally during her professional life.

As the world is moving at an incredible pace and crossing so many barriers, her multifaceted profile as a geographer allows her to explore transdisciplinary views to further create the most suitable solutions and durable synergies between stakeholders.

On-going project

Project leader for developing a spatial knowledge base within Novia UAS. At Novia, we understand the importance of spatial data to make sound and sustainable decisions and most of the faculties use or could use spatial data to implement further integrated projects. That is why Aurélie is leading the development of a dedicated spatial centre of expertise that is permanent and general (not project/faculty-related), branded with Novia’s vision of continuous education and aiming to reach one of Novia’s strategic goals of digital learning and service.

Areas of expertise

Geomatics (geo-informatics), remote sensing, environmental practises, habitat suitability and distribution modelling, mixed methods research design

Research interests

Aurélie’s research interests include anthropogenic-led environmental impact assessment processes, ecosystemic approach and sustainable environmental practises management.

Selected publications

  • Aurélie Noel, John Iacozza, Emmanuel Devred, Marianne Marcoux, Claire Hornby, and Lisa L. Loseto. (2022). Environmental drivers of beluga whale distribution in a changing climate: a case study of summering aggregations in the Mackenzie Estuary and Tarium Niryutait Marine Protected Area. Arctic Science. 8(4): 1305-1319.

Plain language communication through posters and videos

Master's thesis:

  • Noel A. (2022). Beluga whale habitat selection and distribution in the Mackenzie Estuary and Tarium Niryutait Marine Protected Area.

Aurelie Noel

Project Leader

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