SECURE-BIO-SUPPLY - Utveckling av långtidsupplagring av fasta biobränslen

Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfonden ERUF 2021 2027

Content: The goal of the project SECURE-BIO-SUPPLY is to analyze what challenges and opportunities the change in long-term storage of fuels might create in Ostrobothnia. The development activities focuses on solid fuels that are stored for 3–36 months. Three traditional options are being studied: hard coal, energy peat and forest chips, as a description of the initial state of the energy transition. New possibilities are explored, e.g., wood (stem wood and thinning wood), pellets and torrefied material. The expected results describe costs, space requirements, different types of environmental impacts (including climate emissions) for different storage methods, as well as technical challenges and limitations in replacing one fuel with another. The research also gives suggestions for new development projects.

The project also contributes to the development of more sustainable energy system solutions and improves the conditions to replace fossil fuels and peat in a sustainable and secure way. The research will give suggestions to new development activities and projects and will create a network of key stakeholders that enables further development of new system solutions and storage technologies. The network of actors created enables continued development of new system solutions and storage technologies.

Focus area: Hållbar energiteknik

Campus: Vasa Wolffskavägen 33

Financers: Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfonden (ERUF) 2021-2027

Project owner: Åbo Akademi University

Project manager: Katrin Asplund

Partners: Åbo Akademi University, Novia UAS, Finnish Forest Centre