SCC - Spatial competence centre

Period: 16.2.2024 - 14.8.2025

Content: At Novia, we understand the importance of spatial data to make sound and sustainable decisions and most of the faculties use or could use spatial data to implement further integrated projects. That is why we're leading the development of a dedicated spatial centre of expertise that is permanent and trans-faculty, branded with Novia’s vision of continuous education and aiming to reach one of Novia’s strategic goals of digital learning and service.

The spatial competence centre will have three main roles:
- Mentor: with pedagogic material and interactive content to develop internal and broad expertise and to continue education and self-teaching.
- Broker: with external database links and internal repositories to centralise and distribute continuously updated open-source information and provide a participatory platform.
- Support: with technical expertise to help with implementing spatial processes for partners - on a one-time or long-lasting basis.

Through the centre, the geospatial systems team will also be able to contribute on current and future projects in providing spatial services and products such as GIS, spatial analysis, mapping, remote sensing, habitat modelling, drone, digital twins and much more on a one-time basis or as an integrated package.

Focus area: Bioekonomi och hållbart nyttjande av naturresurser

Campus: Raseborg

Financers: Utbildningsstiftelsen Sydväst

Project owner: Novia UAS

Project manager: Aurelie Noel