Go-abroad - Internationalisation for micro SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region

Interreg Baltic Sea Region

Period: 11.10.2023 - 31.1.2027

Content: Expanding the number of micro-SMEs that internationalize, will increase their recovery speed and lessen the impact of future unexpected external disturbances by diversifying their business risk to include neighboring local markets, and creating local value chains that will shield them from larger, global supply chain eruptions. Therefore, this project aims to increase local trade and value chains for micro-SMEs within the BSR.

As such, The objective of this project is to increase the resilience of BSR micro-SMEs, by stimulating increased trade and collaboration within the BSR. This will be done by A) providing micro-SMEs with the knowledge, tools and network to execute effectful internationalization strategies and build strong local value chains within the BSR and B) use these tools and findings to help local public authorities design meaningful and effectful business development policy content in the area.

Focus area: Affärsutveckling

Campus: Henriksgatan

Financers: Interreg - Baltic Sea Region

Project owner: Business Hub Zealand

Project manager: Kenneth Nordell

Partners: Business Lolland Falster, Drivhuset Göteborg, Oslo International Hub, Inkubator STARTER, Technikzentrum Lübeck, Startup Inkubaator Tehnopol