Flexibelt till agrolog och skogsbrukingenjör - Agrolog och skogsbruksingenjör 2028 - Österbotten

Svenska lantbruksproducenternas centralforbund SLC r.f.

Period: 14.12.2023 - 31.12.2028

Content: The main objective of the project is to contribute to the workforce in the
agriculture and forestry sector, with the target audience being professionals
in the agriculture and forestry sector as well as in the municipalities of

The project involves the development of a concept for a flex path for B.Sc in
Agriculture and B.Sc in Forestry in Ostrobothnia, as well as the creation of
networks and promotion of interest in the agriculture and forestry sector as a
future professional field. The intention is continuous development to ensure
the sector's need for competent workforce.

Novia University of Applied Sciences/Department of Bioeconomy will implement
the project during the years 2023–28:

- Mapping of development needs and opportunities in Ostrobothnia.
- Identification of opportunities for field-based and farm-based teaching
facilities, internships.
- Updating the competency requirements for B.Sc in Agriculture and B.Sc in
Forestry, creating networks, and highlighting educational activities to recruit
- Development of a concept for flexible multi-mode studies with a low threshold
for participation for professionals.
- Continuous development, monitoring, and support for educational activities to
target them correctly, promote popularity, internships, and employment in
- Evaluation.

Expected results of the project:

- A concept for flexible multi-mode education has been developed. The concept
has been tested and evaluated.
- The mapping, evaluation, and follow-up have been reported to participating
- Results have been highlighted in the media through publications and articles.
- The project has contributed to increased visibility for the agriculture and
forestry sector.
- The results are measured in terms of the number of applicants, the number of
credits earned, the number of graduates, and the number of publications and
posts on social media

Focus area: Bioekonomi och hållbart nyttjande av naturresurser

Campus: Raseborg

Financers: Svenska lantbruksproducenternas centralförbund SLC r.f.

Project owner: Novia University of Applied Sciences

Project manager: Christel Holmlund-Norrén

Partners: Central Union of Swedish-speaking Agricultural Producers in Finland