DigiMar - Digital Education for Maritime Communication​


Period: 1.10.2023 - 30.9.2026

Content: Digital Education for Maritime Communication, DigiMar

Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships (KA220-HED) improve quality of higher education. The aim is international and inter-disciplinary cooperation among organizations and the production of innovative results.

Main Objective:
DigiMar aims to revolutionize maritime communication by developing digital educational tools that enhance the skills of maritime students and shore service operators. The project focuses on improving navigational safety, thereby reducing human, environmental, societal, and economic losses due to maritime incidents. It uniquely bridges higher education institutions and maritime safety authorities, emphasizing an interdisciplinary approach to enhance maritime communication skills and navigational safety. The initiative caters to both the education of navigation students in higher education and the ongoing training of shore service operators.

Measurement Method:
Utilize statistically significant differences (gap analysis) to measure improvements in communication skills.

Target Audience:
Shore service operators and higher education students in the maritime field.

Implementation Method: A digital educational pilot study using instructional videos and chatbots.
Potential Contribution: Reduction of human, environmental, societal, and/or economic losses resulting from maritime accidents.

Tools to be Developed:
Open-access research-based digital educational tool.
Instructional videos and chatbots for routine maritime communication.
Open-access inventory of data-based simulation tasks for maritime students.

Important Outcome:
Recommendations for a systemic revision of the international maritime communication standard.

Focus area: Fartygssimulation

Campus: Åbo Aboa Mare

Financers: Erasmus+

Project owner: Ljubljana University

Project manager: Franklin Nyairo