Competence, Commitment, and Sustainability

Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) means producing new knowledge, new or improved products, methods, and services through systematic and methodological work.

Novia UAS RDI activities follow the definitions of Statistics Finland and take place mainly in various projects financed largely by external funds. Innovation activities follow the guidelines set out in the National Roadmap for Research, Development and Innovation. 

Research, Development, and Innovation are rooted in education and the needs of working life. Novia UAS maintains special skills in six areas which form the basis of the institutions RDI activities.


Our Research Area's form the basis for our Areas of Strength

Novia's areas of strength are Sustainable Solutions, Creative Expression, Entrepreneurship and Welfare Design. In addition to this, we have special expertise in a number of narrower areas. Where we belong to the premier Universities of Applied Sciences in the country.

Hallbar energiteknik

Sustainable Technology

We develop new methods for production and use of renewable energy where decentralized and sustainable energy distribution systems include increasingly intelligent system solutions

automation och fartygssimulation

Sustainable Shipping

We have strong knowledge and good conditions for development and innovation activities in a simulator environment.

Interprofessionell halsa och valfard

Well-being in Society

We initiate development in the field of social and health care regionally, nationally and internationally.


Sustainable Communities
and Businesses

We are solution oriented and respond to the challenges of business life through an entrepreneurial mindset.

Konst och kultur

Culture as a Force
for Change

We have diverse expertise in entrepreneurship, business development and cultural export
both in cultural education and for the region.


Systemic Transformation
to Build Resilience

We have strong knowledge cluster, solid project knowledge, advanced research and focused applications.

dator ipad statistik

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Novia's publications, blogs, podcasts can be found on Novialia. 

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