Novia Bioeconomy RDI seminar May 2024

Systemic Transformation to Build Resilience RDI Event
Raseborgs campusområde, vårbild med gröna träd och solljus
Date: 23.5.2024-24.5.2024
Time: 08.30-14.00
Place: Campus Raseborg

Welcome to the Novia Bioeconomy RDI seminar! Join us for one or two days of information about ongoing research and projects in the field of bioeconomy: sustainability, energy transition, geospatial systems, blue and green ecosystems, sustainable food systems and local economy. You can join in online or on-site at Campus Raseborg. 

Please register via this link by May 17th. 

Thursday 23.5

8.30-9.00         Coffe and tea

9.00-9.15         Info and Welcome                  

9.15-9.45         Rooted in nature: Fostering sustainable transformations for human well-being, Ruslan Gunko

9.45-10.05      Assessing energy and sustainability transitions through macroeconomic and systems modelling,  Jorge Goméz-Paredes

10.05-10.15    Leg stretcher

10.15-10.45    Sustainability challenges - Challenges for sustainability. Experiences from a project in Tanzania, Romi Rancken

10.45-11.15    Agroecology: Learning from Nature's Resilience, Joshua Finch

11.15-11.30    Wrap up of the session         

11.30-12.30    Lunch (at own expense)              

12.30-13.00    Production of nettle for food and fibre, Samica Sadik

13.00-13.20    Mapping local natural fibre production chains, Ulrika Dahlberg

13.20-13.40    Artisan Food in Finland and the Nordic Countries, Heidi Barman-Geust

13.40-14.10    Megatrends and small actors - our role in buildning resilience, Marianne Fred

14.10-14.30    Wrap up of session and closing words, Marianne Fred

Friday 24.5

8.30-9.00         Coffee and tea                          

9.00-9.15         Intro and Welcome                 

9.15-9.45         Salinity and temperature variation effects on energy response of krill in the high Arctic,  Jonna Engström-Öst

9.45-10.05       Ecophysiological responses of zooplankton to warming and eutrophication, Andriana Koutsandrea

10.05-10.35    Status of the work with duckmussel, Anita Storm

10.35-10.45    Wrap up of the session         

10.45-10.50    Leg stretcher

10.50-11.10    Utveckling och marknadsföring av Bioekonomiutbildningarna i Novia, Marianne Selenius-Holmström

11.10-11.30    Summary from panel discussion in "Kolmen miljoonan konferenssi" on achieving the goals in       Finland’s climate plan for the land use sector, Christel Holmlund-Norrén

11.30-11.40    Wrap up of the session         

11.40-13.00    Lunch (at own expense)              

13.00-13.30    How spatial data contribute building resilience, Aurelie Noel

13.30-14.00    New European Bauhaus (NEB) - Beautiful, Sustainable, Together, Malin Winberg

For more information contact

Aurelie Noel

Project Leader